The FACIE 95

The Facie 95 is a quilt and pillow of top quality that allows you to wash at 95 ° C, satisfying all quality parameters and yet is at a good price. Filling this pillow uses a thermally bonded polyester fleece with a special concave full-threaded mixture combined with polyester balls/flakes or straw polyurethane (foam).

The upper material is a structured mixture of polyester/cotton (especially in white), which ensures a stable size of pillow and cover even when working at 95 ° C. A specially sewn quilt allows for strong washing without deformation. Facie 95 is a high quality and also hypoallergenic.

Quilt 135 x 200 cm 1.150 g filling 100% pes fiber

Quilt 135 x 220 cm 1.300 g filling 100% pes fiber


 Pillow 70 x 90 cm 250g 100% pes fiber + 950 g dog Balls

 Pillow 70 x 90 cm 250g 100% pes fiber + 650 g PUR Sticks

 Pillow 50x 70 cm 150g 100% pes fiber + 500g Dog Beads

Mattress Protector with 200g/m2 100% pes fiber.

Sizes from 60x120 to 200x240 cm. 

the facie 95

The FACIE series 95 are suitable especially for hotels and hospital.

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