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Production program

HIPPOinvest Development, a.s. joint – stock company has been a manufacturer of modern domestic textiles since the year 2000 in manufacturing area in Černožice near Hradec Králové. Company HIPPOinvest Development, a.s.is main a distributor in textile goods.
The production quality is extremely high and uses top quality raw materials and the latest manufacturing technology.
Our main speciality is making quilt covers and pillows with polyester hollow conjugate silanized fibres for the home and overseas markets. Products of our firm have hypo-allergenic characteristics. And are made entirely from hollow fibres supplied. They are also very airy, feathery, light and have very good thermal insulating properties. Company also make healthcare pillows and healthcare accessories as well as products for leisure time ( e.g. garden furniture, cushioned seats, beach deckchairs, and various sizes of quilts pads for relaxation chairs etc.)

Company headquarters, correspondence and Invoicing address:

HIPPOinvest Development Joint Stock Company

Sehnoutkova 17


503 04

E-mail: obchod@hippoinvestdevelopment.cz

FACIE 95                                                                MICRO 95 


                                                                   production program


Production program

 Our industrial processes for furniture, upholstery and healthcare items include the manufacture of mattress protectors, mattress upholstery and bedroom duvet covers.
Our industrial clothing branch uses quilt linings and thermal insulating multiple-ply sections. Our main purchasers are hypermarkets and supermarkets, trading houses, guest houses and hotels, healthcare premises and hospitals.
Products of HIPPOinvest Development, a.s. are currently exported mainly to Germany, Austria and the Slovakian Republic.
The Company has it‘s own production line for the polyester fleece which is used in the pillows, duvet covers and the clothing multiple-ply section. Polyester fillers are made from a polyester fibre which is thermically bonded with a special bi-composite polyester fibre. Not chemically bonded, which ensure a 100% healthy product.
These products have been tested in the textile institution in Brno and they receiveda TZÚ certificate.

The FACIE 95

The Facie 95 is a quilt and pillow of top quality that allows you to wash at 95 ° C, satisfying all quality parameters and yet is at a good price. Filling this pillow uses a thermally bonded polyester fleece with a special concave full-threaded mixture combined with polyester balls/flakes or straw polyurethane (foam).

The MICRO 95

The MICRO 95 range has been developed and designed from high-quality 100% soft polyester micro fibre with special surface finish. These products can be used all year round and also satisfies very sophisticated customers.